Master Bear is established by the founder. In 2008 summer, the customers stopped by the office, and they had no ideas about what kind of souvenirs were popular in Taiwan? Due to this reason, the founder has been starting to develop the products as much as she could. The founder wanted the products that she felt good about feeling them. The founder was trying to develop hugely flavorful snacks. As a result, all of these products could represent significant confectionery in Taiwan. Therefore, the products have succeeded in marketing. We insist We assure our customers as comfortable and happy as possible.

Snack food with new concept at Long-Huei

With the round surface of Panda Cookie was published in 2012. At that time, it only have had round shape for cakes and pastries. Thus, that was the reason why we developed the new product with round shape for Panda Cookie.

The Principle of Honesty

Basically, honesty is the one of ours significant concepts. We are seeking to corporate with loyal customers.

Customer Orientation

We focus on product marketing and account management. All the marketing strategy could maximize efficiency for export.

Operation Administration and Maintenance

We stress on the long-term planning in Marketing strategy, so it could probably create a lot of beneficial to manufacturer. As a result, operation administration and maintenance is a primary mission of sustainability in our business.

The flavors of the Panda Cookie is toothsome rich and

explosively perfumed.

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